Reasons Why Ligandrol Is Better Than Other SARMs

When we hear of SARMs or selective androgen receptor stimulators, what comes to mind are those drugs that are being used by bodybuilders to increase their muscle mass.

While the non-steroidal SARMs begun to make their presence felt only in the 1990s, Ligandrol or also known as LGD-4033, was one of those SARMs that was developed during that time. It was initially meant as a treatment alternative for muscle-wasting conditions like osteoporosis. But when its potency as a muscle builder was discovered, its reputation as one of the most effective drugs in increasing muscle power was firmly established.

But aside from its muscle-building attributes, which all SARMs are known for, Ligandrol has many other benefits that cannot be found in one selective androgen receptor stimulator only. Indeed, the following makes Ligandrol the better choice when choosing a SARM to use.

It Has Undergone Massive Human Testing

One characteristic of most SARMs is that many of them did not undergo human clinical trials. Most of them were only tested on rats. In those human clinical tests, Ligandrol exhibited efficiency as a SARM that does not need to be combined with other substances. It also did not cause any adverse side effects when recommended dosages were strictly followed. In this case, the conclusion that LGD-4033 or Ligandrol is a safe selective androgen receptor stimulator for humans.

It Does Not Cause Mood Swings

Unlike most SARMs, Ligandrol does not cause mood swings. Instead, it gives an extra surge of energy and improves the moods of one who takes in the drug for all day long. Mood changes are usually seen in individuals taking steroids and other SARMs because of hormonal changes. They can be aggressive, irritable, and easy to anger but can become depressed in a matter of hours. For Ligandrol users, they can stay positive and feel motivated most of the time.

Aids in Fat Loss and Ripped Physique

Ligandrol is a SARM that work on building muscles and preventing muscle wasting. This process needs to burn the fats to support the muscle build-up being undertaken by the body. When fats are burned, a ripped body can now be achieved.

With several brands of SARMs being introduced in the market, one can really get confused when choosing the right SARM for himself. When safety and potency are important to you, you should not look any further. Ligandrol can be the best SARM in that department.…

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