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How to Choose the Best Pool Pump for Your Swimming Pool

Pool pumps are machines that pump water into the pool. They consist if the following three parts: the motor, impeller, and housing. The housing consists of a basket, a bucket, and, rid that covers its top the impeller is that part that has blades that suck in and push water to the filter. The motor is electrical equipment that spins the impeller. It is attached to the pump’s housing.

There are different types and models of pool pumps that you can choose for your pool. These include single speed, dual speed, and variable speed pumps. You should select a pump that is suitable for your pool. The Hayward pool pumps are the most reliable and efficient pool pumps. Purchasing a hayward pool pump is a worth investment for your pool.

These are energy-efficient, heavy duty, high-performance units that can help you in reducing your energy costs. They are also easy to install, maintain, and clean. Some of the factors that affect the choice made include the voltage required, the motor’s horsepower and types of the housing mount.

Horse Power

The horsepower of a pump should always be considered when looking for a pump. Ideally, you should find a horsepower that fits the size of the filter system and that of your pool. In addition to this, you should look for the appropriate size of a pump. The pump chosen should be capable of pumping water in the pool.

Pump Housing Mount

There are two types of housing mounts that you can choose for your pump. You can either choose a side-mount or top-mount pump. These systems are different from each other. The choice made is determined by the style of a pump. The top-mount pump is suitable for devices whose intake filers are located above the grounds pumps. On the other hand, side-mount sare ideal for devices whose intake filters are located at the same levels nest to the pumps.

Pump Motor Voltage

Most of these pumps are powered by electricity. The power requirement of the pump should always be determined. You can either have a 220 volts or 100 volts motor.

The capacity of a Pool

The capacity is a pool is determined by the number of gallons of water that it can hold. Calculating the capacity of your swimming pool can help you in determining the flow rate of the pump required.…

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