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A shopping guide for studio headphones

These are high-end headphones used for delivering clear sounds. In these days, there are different models and manufactures of headphones. Finding the right headphone can be one of the daunting tasks. Having the right headphones is helpful in increasing the overall productivity and music enjoyment.This article is going to discuss the essential features that every person should consider when buying a world-class studio headphone

Factors to consider when buying a headphone

These are the fundamental factors that every person who is looking for a headphone need to consider. These factors will determine the type and quality of the headphone that you end up purchasing.


Always go for a headphone that you feels comfortable with when wearing. Comfortable headphones have large ear caps, and they do not apply a lot of pressure. Anyone interested in buying a circumaural headphone should select the one that is designed with these features. The weight of a headphone is another important feature that determines its comfort. Lightweight headphones are considered to be more comfortable than heavier ones. Such products are helpful in reducing ear fatigue.


Most of the studio headphones are stationery. With the increasing popularity of mobile recording platforms and laptop computers, most of the industry professionals have turned to on-location recording. Having a portable headphone is a good idea.


Lightweight and portable headphones are known for breaking easily. This problem can be avoided by keeping them in a safe place after use. For instance, they can be kept in protective cases. Headphones having thin cables are also highly susceptible to breakage.

types of headphones

These products come in different forms. Knowing the different types of headphones will help you in finding the right one that suits your preference.


These headphones have a special padding that encircles the year. They are two types of these products; closed-back and open-backed. The closed-backed models are capable of isolating sounds from the surroundings to produce an excellent quality sound. These headphones are widely used in the studios by DJs who play music in high-noise-environments such as nightclubs.

Supra-Aural studio headphone

Their design is similar to that of circumaural types, but they are designed to rest on the ears of the listeners instead of encircling the listeners’ ears. These devices have a compact design and have a superior comfort. This is the main reason why many listeners prefer these headphones.

Open air

These are special headphones that deliver great sounds making them ideal for individuals who love listening to music. They have an open back that allows sound to escape in both directions. Also, you can them listening music for an extended period.



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