Ultimate Guide to Filing and Paying Small Business Taxes


Fulfilling your tax obligations is one of the most complex tasks of running a business. Unlike personal returns that are completed by filling a few forms once a year, a lot of things are involved when it comes to preparing and filing business taxes. It can even be more difficult if you are doing it for the first time. In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about types of business taxes and when to file your returns.

Types of Business Taxes

calculating taxesIdeally, taxes can be classified into three major groups. These include state taxes, local taxes, and federal taxes. The federal taxes are those that you pay to IRS. In fact, they make up a large portion of your tax burden. As for local and state taxes, these vary from one state to another. Therefore, your responsibility is dependent on where your business is located. To file taxes you need to have EIN number. You can learn more about what is an EIN number and how it is important to your business. Remember that taxes will be unique to your business based on location. Therefore, it is a good idea to consult your local tax agencies for more information regarding your tax obligations.

Business Tax for Sole Proprietors

Since you are running this business solo, the process of filing taxes is very simple. Rather than filing your business taxes, you can report your business income and losses on the personal income tax return. That business, your business profits will be taxed at the personal income tax rate. Moreover, you will be responsible for paying self-employment taxes and cover your social security and Medicare obligations.

Business Taxes for Partnerships

A partnership is a type of business that is operated by at least two owners. Ideally, most partnerships are called general partnerships, but there are also limited partnerships or limited liability partnerships. If you are part of the partnership, you are required to pay income taxes, quarterly estimated taxes, and self-employment taxes. If you are operating a partnership, you are required to file Form 1065. This is an annual information return that shows your income, gains, losses, and deductions from business operations. However, the business itself will not pay taxes. Rather business owners are the ones who are taxed.

Business Taxes for Corporations

If you are running a corporation, you have to understand that it is separate from you as the owner. Therefore, corporations are subject to what is called double taxation. First, corporations are subject to a flat income tax rate. Also, shareholders are taxed on personal tax returns when the profits are shared as dividends.…

What You Should Check Before Hiring Security Guards

security guards standing outdoors

Hiring security guards to protect private areas or business has been common these days, especially since the latest statistics show that crime rates increase significantly over the last decade. As a company or property owner, many people admit that it has been quite a challenge to deal with the issue, and it even applies to those who own small property. Unfortunately, not all people are familiar with the steps that they need to take before hiring the service. Remember that the services hired should be able to give the owners peace of mind without creating another problem.

Considerations like the security company’s track records in the field and the guard’s physical ability are vital, and such aspects can help people find the one that is suitable and can meet their standards and needs. However, there are also other considerations to make, such as the types of service and the security levels that one needs. Fortunately, options are available online to make things easier for prospective clients to pick their choice. Fire Watch Services, for instance, offers an extended list of services, including nationwide service area and event security.


A business license is essential for any forms of business, from local-scale businesses to international companies. It is even more crucial for those specializing in security services since the presence of business license can guarantee that only the best offers are provided. People can also tell whether or not the guards are adequately trained by checking the license. Technically, those who run the company will need to make sure that the service flow follows the pre-determined rules and procedures, including both internal and external procedures. For this reason, assuming that licensed companies will offer the best service is the right conclusion.


The next thing to check is whether or not the guards hired have all the qualifications to be good security guards. It includes interpersonal and cognitive skills. The reasons why these two skills are vital in the field is that the employers need people who can communicate well, especially during an emergency, and they are also expected to be able to work both individually and within a team. The ability to solve problems is also essential for the job since the guards are the ones expected to take fast actions when something happens. Remember that the point of the job is to offer safety, and it should include the protection for the property and the ones hiring the service.…

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