A buying guide for moisturizers

Selecting the right moisturizer for a facial application is not an easy task. Many variables need to be considered when choosing a moisturizer. These variables include individual ingredients, the available forms. Consistency and fragrance are other essential features that are known for leading to unpleasant surprises. As a buyer, you should take time and familiarize yourself with the available forms of moisturizers as well as their ingredients. This will help you in selecting the right moisturizer for your skin. This will also minimize money wastage.

Ingredients of moisturizers

Moisturizers are helpful in smoothing and softening the skin by maintaining the water content. A proper combination of the different ingredients is helpful in achieving optimal results. Outlined here below are the main ingredients used in making moisturizers.

  • Oil- they are used for lubrication
  • Lipids-for moisture retention
  • Emollients- For softening
  • Humectants-For moisture retention and attractions
  • Sterols-for lubricating the skin
  • Beta hydroxy acids-for exfoliation of the dead skin cells
  • Alpha hydroxy acids- moisture retention and exfoliation of the dead skin cells
  • Occlusives-preventing moisture from evaporating

Understanding these ingredients will help you in interpreting those moisturizers that you have never used and chosen the right moisturizer. In fact, this is one of the critical steps of knowing the various types of products.

Types of moisturizers

The advancement of technology has lead to the development and discovery of superior ingredients and products. These types of moistilizers include the following.


This product has been blended with superior ingredients. It is helpful for toning and moisturizing the skin thereby eliminating the need for separate makeup products. However, users are advised to choose the correct shade.


This product is meant for daytime use. It cannot be used for daytime use because it is too heavy. It is also known as overnight treatment or night cream. It is useful for repairing and restoring the skin when someone is asleep.


This is used for general moisturizing. It is mainly used after scrubs, cleansers, serums, and toners. You can also use this product when you are not wearing any makeup. It comes in a heavier (cream) form and a lighter (lotion) form.



Moisturizers with SPF

These are loaded with sunblock or sunscreen. They are beneficial in protecting the skin against photoageing caused by the sun. You can also use them to prevent discolorations and wrinkling of the skin.

The products discussed above can be obtained from beauty salons, health food stores, online auctions, mail-order catalogs, drug stores, supermarkets, discount stores and closeout stores.




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